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Bay City Views is a striking new development comprised of 6 live/work units and 8 condominium residences, each designed as a modern oasis with clean lines, bright colors, industrial/loft style finishes and stunning views which incorporate the entire neighborhood, including the bridges that define the community, the industrial activity, the San Francisco skyline, and the beautiful Oakland/Alameda estuary.

Discover one of Oakland’s most exciting and scenic, historic and safe, artistic and friendly, rapidly developing and walkable neighborhoods – Kennedy Tract area of Jingletown located in the urban/industrial, waterfront promenade alongside the Oakland/Alameda Estuary. Walk Score 78!


UNIT 3               Live/work                      List Price:  $649,000

          HOA: $329.09     |        1 bedroom +office /2 bathrooms          |   1,353 sqft approx.


UNIT 4               Live/work                      List Price:  $649,000

          HOA: $329.09     |        1 bedroom +office/2 bathrooms          |   1,285 sqft approx.


UNIT 7               Live/work                           List Price:  $679,000

          HOA: $329.09     |        1 bedroom +office /2 bathrooms          |   1,366 sqft approx.


UNIT 10                 Condo                             List Price:  $679,000

          HOA: $329.09     |        2 bedroom /2.5 bathrooms |   1,259 sqft approx.


UNIT 11                 Condo                             List Price:  $699,000

          HOA: $329.09     |        2 bedroom /2.5 bathrooms |   1,341 sqft approx.


UNIT 14                  Condo                            List Price:  $699,000

          HOA: $329.09     |        2 bedroom /2.5 bathrooms |   1,262 sqft approx.












Prior to becoming a developer, the project sponsor was a council aide for the Jingletown, Fruitvale, and Glenview neighborhoods.  During his time as a council aide, he fell in love with the area after noticing that the Jingletown area between 580 and the estuary had one of the most vibrant and diverse neighborhoods in terms of uses, ethnicity, income levels, and building types, as well as some of the lowest crime rates in Oakland.  And above all, the community & diversity of the Jingletown district was what charmed the project sponsor.  Artists live side-by-side with long-time Latino families, as well as recent condo owners in the new developments. Industrial operations such as cement plants and car repair shops work next to martial art studios, restaurants, artist studios, retail stores, small single family homes, large condo projects, and warehouses converted to lofts or huge artist studios.  Additionally, all of this activity and diversity happens adjacent to the beautiful waterfront promenade, giving rise to one of the most utopic communities in Oakland. This diversity gels into a strong community where residents watch out for one another, and help each other with a weekend car repair, a community weed pulling project, or a new art installation.

The Bay City Views project is designed to appreciate all of this. The building was designed to maximize views incorporating the entire neighborhood, including the bridges that define the community, the industrial activity, the San Francisco skyline, and the beautiful estuary.

The area is hustling and bustling with activity, and while the residents will certainly appreciate the surrounding richness of the urban, artisan, and industrial community, they can also choose to enjoy it from inside their quiet residences. The project therefore recognizes the need for quiet space for its residents as well.  The developer designed comfortable courtyards where residents can create Zen spaces, reading areas, or bamboo gardens. The building itself has been equipped with very high-end sound and heat insulating Fleetwood windows. The developer splurged on expenses to ensure that when the windows are closed, the residents can enjoy the quiet solitude of their private spaces. Additionally, the developer also splurged on ensuring each unit had their own private balconies where they could relax and feel part of this vibrant urban/industrial and mixed-use community.

Each unit is designed as a modern oasis, with clean lines, bright colors, and with industrial/loft style finishes. The six live work units have been designed to allow the homeowner the flexibility to either install demising walls and create additional bedrooms, private offices, or to leave the spaces open for additional common area that may be utilized for art and crafting, or work spaces. Window locations were carefully selected to allow each owner privacy from other condo units, while also maximizing views during daily life, such as relaxing, washing dishes, reading in bed, or walking up and down the stairs.

To fully enjoy what each unit has to offer, interested buyers should take their time, walking through the units, sitting in chairs where they might sit if they owned the unit, and take notice of just how much thought was put into ensuring that each unit provides a unique and special experience for potential owners.

Do you like views of cities and hills? –Then units 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, and 12 are the right units for you. Do you like city views? –Then units 1, 2, 8, 9, 13, and 14 are for you. Do you like privacy with large decks and balconies? –Then units 5, 6, 12, and 13 are for you.

If you prefer a loft style bedroom, we also have several options for you. Or if you need multiple bedrooms for a growing family, we have a number of spacious 2-bedroom units. If you would like to share a unit with another friend or couple, we also have some options in that regard. Or if you are looking for just the right small unit with lots of windows and views, we have just the space for you.


Oakland’s Jingletown Arts & Business District lies between the boundaries of 23rd Ave to Fruitvale Ave, and 12th St to the Oakland/Alameda Estuary.  

The name “Jingletown” first originated from Portugese cannery workers who would walk home from canning fruits from Fruitvale.  On payday they would “jingle” their pockets with pride in their earnings.  Today, Oakland’s prideful jewel, Jingletown, is currently thriving, and is one of the fastest growing arts districts in the San Francisco Bay Area, with one of the highest densities of artists living and working in one community.  

The neighborhood is one of the safest areas along Oakland’s waterfront due to the active engagement by the artist community. The tight-knit neighborhood has their own Facebook page, Nextdoor page, and Yahoo group, and the Jingletown Arts and Business Community (JABC) is a very active association that seeks “to foster and nurture community, to encourage and promote the mutual exchange of ideas, creativity, resources, expertise, sponsorship, productivity and patronage.”  They plan & produce community events, encourage neighbor engagement, and endorse the diverse culture that has long been at the heart of Jingletown.

Artists, recent condo buyers, and neighbors can be found walking their dogs, or just hanging out and visiting at all hours of the day.  It is the type of community where neighbors invite each other to view each other’s art work, learn to do ceramic tiling, work on community wide street art installation projects, or just go for sunset walks together.  Jingletown’s participation in the annual East Bay Open Studios boasts one of the highest concentrations of open studios than any other community in Oakland.  Well-known artists live, work, and thrive in this burgeoning arts district.

The waterfront in Jingletown is perhaps the most attractive and friendly waterfront promenade in all of Oakland.  Residents can easily jog, walk or bike into Alameda’s Park Street and Downtown business district, or to Jack London Square along the completed paths, promenades, walkways and bike lanes.  The proximity of the Fruitvale Station shopping center, the Fruitvale Transit Village, and the International Boulevard Shopping district ensures that plenteous cultural dishes are just a 5-10 minute walk away.

Residents will grow to love and appreciate the rich cultural experience of the Jingletown community, Park Street amenities, and Fruitvale community—including the fantastic annual Cinco de Mayo or Dia De Los Muertos celebration that happens nearby.


A short walk across the Park Street Bridge takes the residents to the quaint Park Street shopping district in Alameda, home of the patriotic Fourth of July festival, the Arts & Wine Festival, and the Classic Car event.  Also across the estuary is the Nob Hill Shopping Center for convenient amenities. A 10-minute bike ride gets you to the Alameda beaches, bowling alley, Trader Joes, and movie theater.

Directly across the bridge, the Alameda Marketplace is home to 10 locally owned and independently operated businesses offering locally sourced foods, organic produce, green household goods, natural supplements and more.  You can find a vast selection of artisanal cheeses & wines, grass-fed beef, hand-made pastries, fresh gourmet to-go, house-roasted coffees, made-to-order sushi, upscale dining and more...all conveniently located under one roof.

Scattered along the stretch of Park Street are numerous other unique shops and amazing restaurants including: Burma Superstar, Speisekammer, Julie’s Coffee & Tea Garden, Tucker’s Ice Cream; and businesses include Redux Studios & Gallery, Alameda Theater & Cineplex Yoga Alameda, High Scores Arcade, and Subpar Miniature Golf to name a few.  Downtown Alameda is overall a very vibrant and historic business district with a modern vibe, which makes it a great hangout spot for families and people of all ages. Visit downtownalameda.com for a full merchant directory, and list of community events.


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